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Lightweight and comprehensive OS X ink pre-setting solution that makes it simpler and easier to manage offset presses and optimize their ink key zone settings

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PressPerCent Pro is a powerful and versatile ink key pre-setting utility that comes with support for the job format of a wide variety of press types and models and is capable to perform total ink calculations, display spot color, automatically process jobs and provide flexible press configurations.

Ink key pre-setting

Thanks to PressPerCent Pro, you can calculate the area under the picture on the plate for each ink zone of the printing press. The provided results can be easily modified using user-definable calibration curves for specific press models or various ink and paper combinations and used ink zone / ink duct settings for your press. You can also display, print or export your settings to different file formats.

Press operators will be happy to know that the settings can be used to preset ink keys on the press console every time the job changes. Thus, you can easily improve make-ready times and significantly reduce the ink an paper waste.

Area coverage calculator

By using PressPerCent Pro you can calculate individual zone coverage as well as the coverage for the entire plate area. Consequently, you can assess the ink values required to print the job. On top of that, PressPerCent Pro is capable to calculate the maximum total ink value for each sheet of the current job and display total ink warnings based on your size settings.

Support for export plug-ins

PressPerCent Pro features support for a large number of press models thanks to the export plug-ins system. In other words, you can add support for your press using various optional plug-in sets. Moreover, PressPerCent Pro offers support for the PostScript, PDF, PPF and TIFF file formats for incoming jobs.

What is more, PressPerCent Pro allows you to decide the order of inks and their units assignment, mention if the ink is transparent or opaque and set the right paper color. If your job requires multiple runs, then you can easily preview or print the output of each run.

PressPerCent Pro was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 2nd, 2015
PressPerCent Pro - In the main window of the application you can view the current jobs.PressPerCent Pro - From the View menu you can zoom in/out, access rulers or enter fullscreen mode.PressPerCent Pro - From the Production menu you can start/pause hot folders as well as customize production preferences.PressPerCent Pro - screenshot #4PressPerCent Pro - screenshot #5PressPerCent Pro - screenshot #6PressPerCent Pro - screenshot #7PressPerCent Pro - screenshot #8PressPerCent Pro - screenshot #9PressPerCent Pro - screenshot #10

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