P5 (formerly PresSTORE) 5.1.9

A comprehensive data management system that offers you the possibility to backup and distribute information at multiple locations.

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What's new in P5 (formerly PresSTORE) 5.1.9:

  • Fixed indexing of saved resources when the names contain multibyte characters.
  • Fixed incremental archive over CLI if the files being archived were not found in the index already.
  • Fixed handling of multibyte international chars and special escaped charachters when browsing and/or querying archive and/or backup indexes.
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P5 (formerly PresSTORE) - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to login to the PresSTORE service.P5 (formerly PresSTORE) - In the Job Monitor window users can easily view and monitor jobs with ease.P5 (formerly PresSTORE) - The application provides multiple functions such as backup, synchronize or archive.
P5 (formerly PresSTORE) is a modern Data Management System for the Backup, Distribution and Archiving of data.

As in the industry, your customers expect the data to be available "just in time" for production.

In a nutshell, PresSTORE is a tool that enables you to efficiently plan your data-storage resources. 

Data corruption and failure almost always has fatal consequences. P5 (formerly PresSTORE) offers several solutions to secure your production.

For example, the Synchronize module enables you to keep your data redundantly at multiple locations of your company. This also allows for the required high availability of your data. P5 (formerly PresSTORE) also handles your daily backup, and at the end of the production cycle, the data should wander into the Archive.

P5 (formerly PresSTORE) Archive frees your online storage for new projects and offers you and your customers the security and the flexibility to access the archived data at any time as required.

P5 (formerly PresSTORE) can also be used as an archiving and backup engine for DAM-Systems like Canto Cumulus or OKS OPAS-G.

NOTE: To use P5 (formerly PresSTORE) you must request a trial license HERE.

Last updated on March 24th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel only)

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