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Uncomplicated renaming utility that can apply different name changing patterns on the files and folders currently selected in the Finder.

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Powerful batch renaming utilities have the potential of greatly reducing the time spent organizing large files and folders collections. PowerRenamer is a minimalist Mac utility that allows you to apply the same renaming pattern for all the files currently selected in the Finder.

Straightforward batch renaming tool featuring an intuitive workflow

Right off the bat, you must select the items you want to process in a Finder window and then launch the PowerRenamer application. Within the app’s main window you will be able to establish the renaming rules, preview the effect, and then actually perform the change by pressing the “OK” button.

To further simplify the process, PowerRenamer also offers you the possibility to apply previously defined renaming patterns: this way, the entire process is reduced to a few mouse clicks.

Includes basic but efficient search and rename capabilities that can be applied to your own files

Within the PowerRenamer main window you have the possibility to use various search and replace rules: contains, starts / ends with (enables you to add prefixes or suffixes), or regular expression. At the same time, you can use PowerRenamer to add numbers to file names (the numbering is determined by the order in the Finder).

In addition, within the PowerRenamer Help documentation, you can find a list with all the supported regular expressions. PowerRenamer is making use of the RegexKitLite engine, which means that you will be able to integrate custom data strings.

Simple yet powerful batch renaming utility that can perform basic tasks

PowerRenamer can help you change the name of any file or folder selected in the Finder window without having to deal with complex tools or make complicated adjustments. The app allows you to add prefixes or suffixes, can replace certain text strings, can insert numbers, and allows you to integrate certain regular expressions.

PowerRenamer was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 11th, 2014
PowerRenamer - This is how you can rename a file.PowerRenamer - Some renaming templates are available here.PowerRenamer - Some general preferences can be changed in this panel.PowerRenamer - Some preset changes can be made in this panel.

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