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Uncomplicated status bar menu application for Mac OS X that can help you apply the Pomodoro technique to optimize your work time.

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The Pomodoro technique is designed to help you improve your productivity by alternating work periods with small breaks. This way, you should be able to focus better on the task at hand, and come up with better results.

Customary, the Pomodoro technique recommends working for a 25 minutes interval, then taking a break for 5 minutes. Pomodoro One is a small status bar menu app that will help you put in practice this concept.

Unobtrusive status bar menu application that can help you manage your time

Upon installation, Pomodoro One places a small timer in your status bar that displays either the work timer, or the break one: you can easily differentiate between them thanks to the built-in color code.

To actually use the application, you must start one of the two timers. Pomodoro One allows you to monitor their progress in the status bar, or you can open the app window and visualize the enlarged version.

Effortlessly adjust the timer intervals and visualize your statistics

If you find that the default timers intervals are too long or too short, via the Pomodoro One Preferences window you get to quickly change their value. This is extremely useful because you get to adjust the technique to match your own rhythm.

In addition, Pomodoro One keeps track of the completed pomodoros, so you will be able to see how many working sessions you have completed each day. As a result, you can easily monitor your progress without having to interact with the app in any way.

Minimalist time management solution based on the Pomodoro technique

If you are looking for a way to become more productive, Pomodoro One definitely deserves a try: the app includes all the elements required by the Pomodoro technique, while keeping the necessary user interaction to a minimum. In addition, it will monitor your activity on its own, and you can visualize the statistic in no time.

Pomodoro One was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on March 7th, 2015
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