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Inconspicuous and low-key mouse operation helper tool for disabled Mac OS X users that aims to make it simple to move the mouse pointer using head movements

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Pinocchio is a small OS X utility that promises to help disabled people who cannot use a mouse properly to move the mouse pointer on their Mac’s screen with head movements.

Simple to install and configure

Installing Pinocchio is a straightforward and very simple task. You just click the Install button in the Mac App Store and it will be automatically added to your /Applications folder.

Once you get it running on your Mac, you can adjust its settings via the Preferences window which will enable you to quickly adjust the pointer’s tracking speed, as well the app’s global keyboard shortcuts.

Customize the actions attached to each head movement

From the Preferences window, users will also be able to choose what pointer action will each type head motion perform. Thus, you will be able to set vertical and horizontal head movement to simulate a separate type of mouse operation, depending on your gesture’s direction.

Quick to setup as a start-up item

The Pinocchio utility can also be setup to launch automatically at login, allowing a disabled person with a Mac to start controlling the mouse pointer as soon as the system starts.

While testing it on our Macs, two problems were easily noticeable: Pinocchio’s face tracking engine is not as precise as it should be in order to control your mouse pointer effectively and, while it worked, it often would perform a different action then the one we would expect it to.

Easy and straightforward to use head movement based mouse controller

All things considered, if you have enough patience and you really need a software solution to help you control your mouse without using your hands, Pinocchio could help you out. There are no guarantees though that it will work properly, although when it does, it will help you move and use the mouse as if you were entirely able-bodied.

Pinocchio was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on April 6th, 2015

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