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A powerful, user-friendly and practical application that enables you to take control over your mobile phone, place and receive calls and messages

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Phone Amego is a handy and very easy-to-use Mac OS X application specially made to help you connect your mobile or landline phone to your Mac.

Effortlessly make phone calls and exchange SMSs from your Mac via your phone

Thanks to Phone Amego, you can handle your calls more easier by automating the standard procedures you would perform when using a phone.

With Phone Amego’s help, you have the ability to connect your phone to your Mac and improve your productivity.

The best part about Phone Amego is that it is able to work with most popular phones and allows you to keep notes on each call organized by caller in a database that you can share via Dropbox.

A list with all supported phone types and third-party applications is available on Phone Amego’s home page.

Add, find and manage your contacts with ease

Between the most important features we should mention the on screen caller ID with optional voice announcement, Contacts integration with handy search form, call logging and accounting, seamless integration with Calendar, Mail, Safari and Mac OS X’s Notification Center.

Beside helping you making and receiving calls, Phone Amego also enables you to view and respond to incoming SMS directly from your Mac without touching your phone. In addition to working with cell phones and landlines, Phone Amego also offers support for various VoIP services.

Support for various phone types and VoIP services

Phone Amego lives in your Mac’s status bar from where you can access its menu and check the recent call and favorites list, place a new call and send SMS with just a couple of mouse clicks. On top of the “Accept” and “Reject” options for the incoming calls, Phone Amego also enables you to add new contacts, block the caller or look it up on the web.

The Preferences window helps you add or remove telephone devices, enable plug-ins, add VoIP accounts, customize the Lookup feature, change the sound preferences, assign hotkeys, enable call logs and more.

Phone Amego was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 8th, 2015
Phone Amego - The Phone Amego status bar menu where you can view the recent calls, and quickly place new onesPhone Amego - The Phone Amego application allows you to time you conversations and offers you the possibility to end a call in no timePhone Amego - The Phone Amego call window where you can easily input the number you want to call and the device you want to employPhone Amego - The Phone Amego SMS panel where you can choose to send the same text message to up to 50 different recipients with a simple mouse clickPhone Amego - The Phone Amego Preferences window where you can easily view the status of all the communications devices connected to the appPhone Amego - screenshot #6Phone Amego - screenshot #7Phone Amego - screenshot #8Phone Amego - screenshot #9Phone Amego - screenshot #10Phone Amego - In the Phone Amego Preferences window you get to personalize the app's behavior when it comes to dialing numbers, viewing caller ID, or using hotkeys for different tasks

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