Personal Ancestry Writer II for Mac

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Genealogy app founded on Mormon Church's Personal Ancestral File





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Personal Ancestry Writer II integrates old features from the LDS Personal Ancestral File program, with supplementary functions that are able to generate web pages, word processing files and  desktop publishing files.

Personal Ancestry Writer II produces report files which cover genealogical dictionaries, registers, lineages and pedigree charts.
Last updated on March 13th, 2014
Personal Ancestry Writer II - The PAW2U's Person menu enables you to add, edit or delete persons or family members.Personal Ancestry Writer II - From the LDS menu you will be able to add baptisms, endowments or tag persons with diverse LDS ordinances.Personal Ancestry Writer II - The Citations menu helps you to edit, load or clear various citations from your files.Personal Ancestry Writer IIPersonal Ancestry Writer IIPersonal Ancestry Writer II

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