Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter for Mac

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A small but powerful Mac OS X application that enables you to quickly mount virtual disk images and have access to the included content.

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Accessing information stored on a virtual disk implies mounting the image by using a virtualization software. Unfortunately, this might require more time that you have available. Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter is a Mac utility designed to help you mount virtual disks and gain read and write access without using third party applications.

The innovation when it comes to Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter is that you will be able to navigate, copy, or transfer files to the virtual disc via the Finder window: the image will be displayed as a separate volume.

Streamlined installation and uninstallation procedure

Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter comes with installation and uninstallation packages that greatly simplify the entire process: all you have to do in follow the on-screen instructions, provide the admin passkey, and then restart your computer to complete the processes.

If you encounter any issues, the Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter volume also includes a User Manual that should prove to be extremely useful for inexperienced users.

Manage the contents of your virtual disc via the Finder

To get started, you must mount your virtual disc by using Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter: you can use the file’s contextual menu, or you can launch the app an use the Open window. If the procedure is successful, in your Finder window you will be able to see a newly added volume.

Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter is able to work with virtual discs created by different virtualization solutions, such as VMware, VirtualBox, or Microsoft Virtual PC. The app is also able to open Paragon and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual discs.

Powerful yet user friendly solution for mounting virtual disc images

Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter has the potential to greatly improve your workflow by allowing you to access, transfer, or edit the data stored in a virtual disc through the Finder, without having to employ any kind of virtualization software.

Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
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