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Simple to use notation software, powerful enough for use by professional musicians and composers
Overture - The welcoming window lets you chose a name, a composer, a key and a measure for your new track.
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Overture is a straightforward and easy-to-use notation Mac OS X application, powerful enough to be usde by professional composers and musicians.

Overture will allow you to enter notes quickly on-screen using the mouse / the keyboard or to record a MIDI performance for instant viewing.

Overture's intuitive interface brings powerful symbol palettes and editing tools at your fingertips, so you spend time composing music instead of searching through menus and dialogs.

Overture is great for demanding composers, music educators, arrangers, and students those who want the flexibility to create complex choral, orchestral, band, lead sheet, and tablature scores, and do it quickly.

Main features:

  • Staff/Score:
  • Easy setup with Setup dialog
  • 256 staves with 8 voices per stave
  • 64 staves per system, unlimited number of systems
  • 8 voices per stave, each assignable to a MIDI device
  • 0 - 16 lines per staff, choose which lines show, i.e. lines 1 and 5 only
  • Hide, show or scale any staff from 25% - 250%
  • Hide or show various staff elements including staff lines, key signature, time signature, barlines and clefs
  • Automatic page tiling for printout
  • 32,768 measures per score
  • Scrolling score window during playback
  • 34" x 44" maximum page size
  • View/Edit Windows:
  • WYSISWYG Page layout-what you see and edit is what you get
  • Piano roll MIDI data window
  • Zoom score from 10% - 800%
  • Staff Types/Clefs
  • G (treble clef) G (8va) G (8vb)
  • F (bass clef) F (8vb)
  • C (movable-tenor, alto, soprano, mezzo soprano clefs)
  • Percussion with staff line, notehead and MIDI pitch mapping
  • Tablature with fingering, hide stems
  • Meters/Keys:
  • Multiple meters and complex meters
  • Different meters between staves are supported graphically
  • Noteheads:
  • Supports all note marks and ornaments
  • Intelligent placement of noteheads can be manually adjusted
  • Accidentals can be dragged anywhere
  • Fingering can be attached to notes
  • Rhythmic:
  • 128th note to triple dotted whole notes
  • Tuplets from 1 - 99 over 1 - 99
  • Beam patterns are automatic or user defined
  • Beaming: cross staff, cross barline, feathered
  • Adjustable beam height and angles
  • Nested repeats and endings with MIDI playback
  • Input Methods:
  • Computer mouse
  • Computer keyboard
  • MIDI controller/keyboard real time and step time
  • Import standard MIDI file, quantize each track differently
  • Import Encore and MusicTime files.
  • Import MusicXML files.
  • Chords:
  • Support user defined symbols/suffixes in libraries
  • Automatic chord recognition in step entry (MIDI) mode
  • Mouse click and computer keyboard entry of chords
  • Chords transpose
  • Guitar Frames:
  • Support user defined guitar frames in libraries
  • Mouse click entry of chords
  • Chord can be altered after they are entered
  • Text:
  • Lyrics--8 verses for each voice--mass entry, paste from word processor
  • Rehearsal marks
  • Page text including footer, header, titling with page numbers, date and time
  • Measure and system text
  • Preferences:
  • Engraver settings
  • Color settings
  • Libraries for: allotment table, chord symbol, drum maps, etc.
  • MIDI playback: as recorded (MIDI data), as written or in swing
  • MIDI:
  • Records all MIDI events, including notes, controllers, aftertouch, pitch bend, key velocity, etc.
  • Graphic editing including Strip Chart for drawing in controller data
  • MIDI playback of all rests, dynamics, trills, repeats, tremolos
  • Assign MIDI values to dynamics (pppp to ffff), hairpins, and some articulations for playback
  • Tape deck style MIDI transport controls with punch in/out and wait for note.
  • 480 PPQ (parts per quarter note) capture of MIDI
  • VST Hosting:
  • Host up to 256 instruments
  • Save playback to wave file
  • Instrument definitions for most sample libraries playback to wave file
  • Output:
  • Mac: any Macintosh compatible printer
  • Win: any Windows compatible printer
  • Use any alternate music font, such as the Jazz Font or GoldenAge handwritten-style fonts (alternate fonts available separately)
  • Part extraction with auto transpose and multi-measure rests
  • Standard MIDI files
  • Transposition:
  • Chromatic
  • Diatonic
  • Enharmonic
  • Includes notes and chord symbols
  • Editing:
  • All elements (notes, stems, beams, accidentals, ornaments, fingerings, staves, clefs, barlines, all text including lyrics, chord symbols, dynamic markings) can be clicked and dragged or nudged with arrow keys
  • Option drag to copy is supported
  • Automatic recognition of elements, edit any item without switching tools
  • Copy/paste/merge/paste special for pasting only certain elements
  • Hide, show or scale any element 25 - 250%
  • Automatic or manual voicing and transcription, including re-transcribe
  • Beat charts are user modifiable including copy and paste
  • Step entry includes notes, rests, rhythmic slashes and chord symbols.

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June 3rd, 2012, 13:28 GMT
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Mac OS X 10.4 or later
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Intel only
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5 Screenshots
OvertureOverture - The Measures menu tab lets you choose a signature and a tempo.Overture - The Score tab allows you to insert additional tracks and to replace layouts.Overture
What's New in This Release:
  • Fixed a bug with reading old files that caused a crash.
  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when editing the Chord Library.
  • Fixed a bug that with some tempo expressions that caused a crash when playing.
  • Fixed a bug when rests were inserted in hidden measures.
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