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Helps you explore websites within a simple and clean styled interface that comes with all the tools needed to make your browsing experience pleasant and secure

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OmniWeb is a versatile, feature-rich and powerful Mac OS X application that provides the required tools to browse the web, bookmark pages and handle multiple workspaces.

Flexible web browser

OmniWeb comes with a simple and user-friendly interface from which you can quickly visit multiple pages, manage bookmarks, change security settings and even block advertisements. The appealing factor is provided by the tab system used by OmniWeb.

Instead of displaying the browser tabs across the top of the window, OmniWeb places them in a side panel from where you can view thumbnails for all opened tabs.

All tabs can be reorganized, dragged onto new windows or deleted with just a few mouse clicks. You can also change the aspect of the side tabs and display only the title of the loaded pages.

Workspace manager

OmniWeb is capable to automatically save all your opened windows and tabs along with their size and location on the screen every time you close the app. All your windows and tabs are quickly restored when you relaunch the web browser.

Moreover, you can create your own custom workspaces and access them using the pre-defined keyboard shortcuts. On top of that, OmniWeb offers you complete control over the way in which your pages are displayed.

Inbuilt advertisements blocker and HTML editor

In other words, you can configure OmniWeb to display certain pages using the desired text size and block pop-up windows and advertisements. Additionally, you can decide in which measure JavaScript, cookies and Java might be used.

If you are a web developer or you need to maintain various websites, you’ll be happy to know that OmniWeb comes with HTML editing capabilities that cover on-the-fly reformatting and syntax highlighter.

Other useful features include the built-in RSS reader and the search form that allows you to switch between different search engines in order to obtain the most accurate and relevant search results.

OmniWeb was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 27th, 2015
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