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An easy to use Mac OS X application designed to help you find fun, interesting, or odd places to visit in your trips around the United States of America.

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Visiting interesting places while traveling can prove to be very entertaining: Offbeat Locations is a Mac OS X app designed to help you find both fun and strange places around America, that one might not think to visit.

Effortless to install utility that displays a map of interesting USA places

Due to its clean and organized user interface, finding your way around the Offbeat Locations application is quite easy: most of the main window is reserved for the map, while on the bottom you can view details about the currently selected location.

The app allows you to visualize the current weather forecast (provides support for multiple services), offers you the possibility to send an email to the list curator containing data that should be added to the entry, and allows you to search for Flickr images tagged with the current coordinates.

Note that, the included list of locations, has been assembled by using data available on the website.

Seamlessly include the locations into your trip plans

You can start by exploring the map that has 3 visualization modes: standard, satellite, or hybrid. However, the app also provides a search bar if you need to identify the GPS coordinates for a specific place: when you click one of the pins placed on the map, Offbeat Locations displays both the GPS coordinates and the address.

The best part is that Offbeat Locations offers you the possibility to send the GPS data to your Apple Maps app, or to the Road Trip Planner utility (also developed at Modesitt Software). This way, you can easily integrate the visit into your road trip plans.

Unsophisticated desktop utility for finding unusual places around USA

Offbeat Locations is a great tool to have around if you are planing trips around America and you want to find peculiar places to visit even if they are not conventional attraction places for tourists.

Offbeat Locations was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 12th, 2015
Offbeat Locations - In the Offbeat Locations main window you can easily browse the USA map and visualize interesting locations.Offbeat Locations - In the Offbeat Locations main window you can easily find photos for each GPS location.Offbeat Locations - screenshot #3Offbeat Locations - In the Offbeat Locations Preferences window you can easily choose the default weather service.Offbeat Locations - screenshot #5

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