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A Mail.app plug-in designed to help users to quickly and effortlessly convert winmail.dat files and browse their content without leaving the app.

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If you are receiving emails from Outlook users, the Mail.app will display their content as a winmail.dat file attached to the email. Letter Opener Pro is a simple plug-in that is able to quickly convert the data and allows you to access the winmail.dat file content through a simple double click.

Fast installation process and streamlined interaction

Letter Opener Pro comes with its own installer package which puts everything in place. However, you will have to restart the Mail.app and provide the admin passkey to be able to complete the process.

After the installation, the Letter Opener Pro plug-in will run in the background, without requiring any user interaction. In any case, if you need to update or remove the plug-in, the installer also places a Letter Opener Pro entry in the Mail.app main menu: navigate to that area to manage the plug-in.

Instant conversion and extensive collection of features

Each time you receive an email containing a winmail.dat file, simply double click on the item and Letter Opener Pro will take care of the rest: the message content will be displayed in a new window almost instantly.

Besides browsing the content of the winmail.dat file, Letter Opener Pro is able to add events to your Calendar.app, create new contacts, or read receipts. Moreover, the plug-in provides support for nested messages, so you will be able to have a quick look at the entire correspondence.

Powerful yet discreet Mail.app plug-in

Letter Opener Pro is one of those software additions that solves small, but quite annoying issues: the fact that emails received from Outlook users are displayed as winmail.dat files.

Since the interaction with the Letter Opener Pro plug-in is resumed to a simple double click each time you want to open an attachment, the process will feel very natural.

Letter Opener Pro was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 25th, 2015
Letter Opener Pro - The Letter Opener Pro plug-in helps you view and use the attachments contained by winmail.dat files.Letter Opener Pro - To open the winmail.dat file you have to simply click on the file.Letter Opener Pro - The Letter Opener Pro submenu can be accessed via the Mail menu.

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