Netsu Keyboard Layouts for Mac

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Russian and Ukrainian Dvorak keyboard layouts for the Mac




Netsu Keyboard Layouts is a set of Dvorak OS X keyboard layouts:
· Netsu Dvorak : a Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout
· Netsu Russian: a  Russian (Typewriter) and/or Russian (Apple) layout redesigned to be compatible with Netsu Dvorak as much as possible
· Netsu Phonetic  Russian: a Russian phonetic keyboard layout compatible with Netsu Dvorak
· Netsu Ukrainian: a Ukrainian layout based on Netsu Russian;
· Netsu Phonetic  Ukrainian: Ukrainian layout based on Netsu Russian - Phonetic.
Last updated on November 15th, 2012
Netsu Keyboard Layouts - You will be able to use Russian and Ukrainian keyboard layouts.Netsu Keyboard Layouts - The keyboard viewer shows how the characters are organized.Netsu Keyboard Layouts - The Russian keyboard layout looks like this.

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