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Forthright Mac OS X application featuring user friendly tools designed to help you rename files in a batch, by applying various presets.

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Having access to an efficient batch renaming utility is extremely important, especially if you need to deal with large files collections. Name Mangler is a well structured batch renaming utility that can be used to handle both files and folders, and comes with multiple renaming patterns.

Streamlined file renamer featuring drag and drop support

Name Mangler comes with an user friendly interface, which is separated in two main areas: on the left side you can see a list with the files that will be processed, while on the right you can define the renaming patterns. To import files for processing, simply drag and drop them on top of the Name Mangler main window.

Noteworthy is that, through a drop down menu placed on top of the Name Mangler window, you can easily filter and sort the files that will be renamed. For start, you can decide if the files, folders, or the folder’s contents should be included in the list. The next step is to choose the sorting criteria: ascending or descending, by name, path, creation/modification date, comment, size or file type.

Effortlessly setup complex renaming patterns by combining multiple tools

Name Mangler comes with multiple renaming tools that can be customized to match your own needs: find and replace, sequence, compose, add prefix / suffix, insert, remove, change case, or set extension. You can add multiple steps to your renaming process in order to reach a satisfactory result.

To take things even further, Name Mangler also enables you to use various code snippets: the app comes with a small collection, but you can easily extend it by creating your own.

Uncomplicated yet powerful batch renaming utility capable to handle complex tasks

Name Mangler offers you the possibility to quickly rename a large number of files and folders by applying user defined patterns. The best part is that the renaming process can be split into multiple steps, which means that you can combine various name changing tools, including user created code snippets.

Name Mangler was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
Name Mangler - In Name Mangler's main window you will be able to drag and drop the files you need to rename.Name Mangler - From the top right drop down menu you can select different tasks from a predefined list.Name Mangler - By clicking on the Add Step button, you can add multiple tasks for the same files with just a mouse click.Name Mangler - screenshot #4Name Mangler - screenshot #5Name Mangler - screenshot #6Name Mangler - screenshot #7

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