IP Camera Viewer 2 for Mac

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Provides a simple and organized interface for monitoring and controlling the IP cameras included in your security surveillance system.

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IP Camera Viewer is a very easy to use application that enables you to quickly monitor the real time feed of different IP cameras in full screen mode or by using different layouts (1X2, 2X2, 3X3, 4X4).

IP Camera Viewer is able to deal with a large number of cameras which can be organized into different tabs in order to avoid clutter.

The app provides support for generic IP cameras which are using MJPEG, RTSP and ONVIF video streams, but is also able to work with specific brands, such as A-Linking, ABUS, ACTi, Agasio, AirLive, Airlink101, illustra 400, Anbash, Arecont Vision, Asante, Astak MOLE, Axis, Baslet, BlueJay, Bosch and many more.

IP Camera Viewer is able to record the audio content captured by Panasonic or Axis cameras and is capable to detect faces and motion for all camera models.

Take into account that you can monitor up to 10 cameras and you can record the video feed only for 1 camera free of charge: to be able to view/record more cameras, in-app purchases are required.

Setting up cameras within IP Camera Viewer is quite straightforward: you can input the IP address manually or you can use the built-in discovery mechanism.

IP Camera Viewer is able to work with password protected cameras: in the camera settings panel you must input the username and the password you set up for each camera. To streamline the process, you can choose to import the configuration from a file.

After the initial setup, you must press the Edit button while the camera is selected to be able to access the Recording options: you can choose how long you want to keep the videos (minimum 1 day and maximum 10 days).

All in all, IP Camera Viewer is able to monitor and record the video feed captured by different IP cameras and, since you can use up to 10 cameras free of charge, you can see for yourself if it suits your needs.

IP Camera Viewer 2 was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 18th, 2014
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