NTI Shadow Express for Mac

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Streamlined and user-friendly Mac OS X backup utility designed to help you backup and synchronize your files and folders with ease

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NTI Shadow Express is a user oriented and lightweight data backup and synchronization solution for all OS X users that want a simple and straightforward way to keep their folders and files backed up or in sync between multiple computers.

Moreover, NTI Shadow Express has an intuitive and streamlined interface designed from the get-go to make it as effortless as possible to setup automated backup and sync tasks, even if you’re not a power user.

Designed to help you keep tabs on your backups and schedule them according to your own needs

First of all, the NTI Shadow Express app can be used to schedule automatic backup jobs that will copy the files and folders you choose to a destination drive or folder of your choice.

Once a backup job is added, you can set NTI Shadow Express to track all file changes and automatically backup them again when anything is modified in the target folder.

Secondly, you can make use of NTI Shadow Express to synchronize or merge folders and set it to automatically keep them in sync without any further intervention on your part.

Helps you customize any of your sync and backup jobs via a simple and straightforward interface

In addition, from the “Shadow Job List” window, you will be able to quickly toggle any of the added backup and sync jobs on or off, as well as run them, edit them or schedule them using the aforementioned built-in scheduling engine.

From this window, you can also keep track of the last time your jobs have been performed and if any of them are scheduled for a given time or they’re continuously running, keeping their target folders under constant watch.

Simple to use file backup and synchronizing tool for any Mac user who wants to effortlessly create automatic and scheduled backup events

NTI Shadow Express’ scheduling engine can be used to set your sync and backup tasks to run continuously, perform the jobs at preset intervals of time or run only on predefined days of the week, at a predefined hour during the day.

Taking all said in consideration, NTI Shadow Express is an easy to use backup and sync application that should make it very simple for any OS X user to create an automatic backup or synchronize of a folder in no time.

NTI Shadow Express was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on July 11th, 2015
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