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A lightweight and user-friendly genealogy application that provides the tools and features required to build and share your family tree

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My Family Tree is a self-explanatory Mac OS X application that makes it easy for your to construct your family tree from within a user-oriented interface.

Quickly build up your family tree with just a few clicks of a mouse button

My Family Tree’s simple and intuitive design helps you add and link people on an interactive map in order to create your entire family tree.

Unfortunately, My Family Tree does not allow you to add too much information about your family members. You can only type in the name, birth and death year, short descriptive notes and a photo.

We would have liked My Family Tree even more if it allowed us to add more details about each family member.

Easily link members and export the generated tree

On the bright side, the linking between family members is very easy to make and requires just a couple of mouse clicks. The top toolbar helps you add or remove persons and export your tree to a PDF document.

It is worth mentioning that My Family Tree computes the family tree layout every time you load a tree and, as a result, the dynamic and arrangement of more complex trees might vary. As follows, you might need to open a tree multiple times until the desired layout is generated.

Layouts are rearranged every time you open a tree

This might prove to be a major inconvenience, especially for users who have large and complex family trees. At the same time, it might also determine prospective buyers look for other similar applications.

It would have been useful if My Family Tree featured a sharing function that enabled the user to quickly and easily share the generated tree with friends and family. Hopefully future updates will improve My Family Tree’s layout generation engine, add new features and provide more control over the family tree layout.

My Family Tree was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 18th, 2015
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