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A small Mac OS X application for Mac OS X that can monitor specific actions related to files, folders, or apps, and trigger alerts when their status changes.

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Your Mac is able to perform certain tasks without your supervision, which proves to be highly efficient, especially when dealing with long running jobs. Minion is a small Mac app that allows you to set up alert triggers for the completion of specific tasks.

Set up a Minion account for receiving alerts by email

Right off the bat, you must register for a Minion account, within the application. The registration is free of charge, but the account is essential if you want to receive alert notifications.

The best part is that you can use the Minion account to send alerts to a specific email account or to a phone number. In addition, if you install the Minion client on your iOS device, you can push the alerts to your phone.

Set up alert triggers for the completion of basic actions

Minion comes with a fairly large collection of alert templates which you can adjust to match your own needs. The app is able to monitor files, folders, user interfaces, applications, or web pages. Moreover, it can alert you if the CPU usage drops below or stays above certain values.

Setting up your own rules is resonably intuitive: simply select the template that best suits your purpose and provide details about the elements that should be monitored. The new rules will be added to the Active Triggers list and you will receive an alert via the Notifications Center when the task status changes.

Unsophisticated solution for monitoring long running tasks

Thanks to Minion, you can leave your Mac to perform tasks that take a lot of time and simply receive a notification when everything is done: it is up to you if you want the alerts sent to your email, to your phone, or pushed to your iOS device.

Minion was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 3rd, 2014
Minion - In the Minion New Trigger window you can easily set up a new alarm.MinionMinionMinionMinionMinionMinion - In the Minion Active Triggers window you can easily visualize the status of each alert.Minion - In the Minion account window you can provide an email address for receiving notifications and more.

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