Minecraft Server Properties Configurator for Mac1.2

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Allows you to configure a Minecraft server





Minecraft Server Properties Configurator is an easy to use application that allows you to assist in configuring the options for a vanilla Minecraft Beta Survival Multiplayer server prior to  running one, saving these configurations for later use, restoring them, or reverting to default settings.

Minecraft Server Properties Configurator also includes the facility for making a gzipped backup archive containing all of the files describing a Minecraft beta multiplayer server as well as a packed server.properties file for easy resumption of play. 

It should also respect the format of the properties file more closely than other alternatives in that will preserve the initial comment line, timestamp functionality, and user or mod-specific options not used in the base game.

Minecraft Server Properties Configurator can also read the seed value of any Beta level, Single Player or Multiplayer, such that you can generate a blank, untouched world identical to the one you've started with without having to resort to a standalone seed reader.
Last updated on March 28th, 2012
Minecraft Server Properties Configurator - This menu allows you to change the game mode.Minecraft Server Properties Configurator - One can also change the difficulty setting.

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