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A light, user-friendly and easy-to-use note taking application that enables you to keep your thoughts and to-do list organized

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Mindown is a simple and intuitive Mac OS X application that helps you to write to-dos, take notes and organize your lists with ease.

Keep your thoughts, ideas, lists and to-dos in order

Thanks to Mindown, you can quickly write down your ideas, create lists, make to-do lists and keep them synchronized across multiple desktops and mobile devices. Thus, you can create a to-do list on your Mac and access or edit it from your iPad or iPhone when you are on the go.

Mindown comes with a clean and user-oriented interface from which you can easily check your lists, create or link notes, delete or recover lost notes. In addition, you can take advantage of the built-in search form and instantly find the note you are looking for.

Link multiple notes and organize your notes based on their importance

The great thing about Mindown is that you can link notes inside notes and keep related information linked and grouped for quicker and easier access. Moreover, you can add a note along with the linked notes to your Favorites list.

What is more, Mindown enables you to use a note as your Badge Note and, as a result, you can create to-do lists that are monitored by Mindown in order to display the number of things / notes you need to take care of. The number of items is displayed as a badge icon in your Mac’s Dock.

Synchronize your notes and recover lost ideas with ease

The top toolbar helps you return to the Home screen with just a mouse click, access past versions of your note and even recover deleted notes. In order to take advantage of the recover, history and synchronization features you first need to create an account from within the Preferences window.

Unfortunately, Mindown failed to create an account for us and we could not test the recover, sync and history feature. This proved to be a major drawback, especially when considering its direct competitor, Apple’s Notes app.

On top of that, we could not figure out how to change or add an icon to our lists, although we managed to link items and create customized lists.

Mindown was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 22nd, 2014
Mindown - From Mindown's main window you can quickly add a new note or search for a not with just a couple of keystrokes.MindownMindown - The Note menu helps you create a new note, jump to the home screen or delete the selected note.MindownMindown - By accessing the Preferences window, you can create a new account and reset your password.

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