MiJournal 1.3.3

An application that will make you forget about writing your thoughts on paper by enabling you to back-up, drag and drop photos in the journal and password protect your writings
MiJournal - In the main window you can create a new entry each day or start a new diary.
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MiJournal is a simple application designed to provide a feature rich set of options that will help you organize your daily record of occurrences, experiences, or observations.

MiJournal is much like the paper journals from days of old, except that you can back it up, drag-and-drop photos and videos into your entries, password protect it, and encrypt it. Plus, you will never run out of Journal Entry pages!

Main features:

  • MiJournal is Fun - MiJournal makes it easy to add photos and videos to your journal entries. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this will save you some typing! Just drag and drop Images, Videos, sound clips - even links to emails and iCal items into the main window.
  • MiJournal is Fast - Searching your Journal entries is fast with MiJournal. MiJournal uses an efficient database to allow you to search through tens of thousands of journal entries in a second. Also, for advanced users, MiJournal allows the use of pattern matching and regular expressions to help you find things quickly and easily.
  • MiJournal is Secure - MiJournal uses strong des3 encryption to keep your journal entries safe and secure. Also, MiJournal allows you to set a password to keep others from opening the program.
  • MiJournal is Flexible - MiJournal lets you store your Journal Entry database anywhere you want. This means that you can even store your journal entries in your dropbox folder. Not only does this provide another layer of backup to your Journal entries (assuming you are using Time Machine as well), but it also allows you to sync your journal entries across multiple Macs!

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October 22nd, 2014, 5:44 GMT
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4.6 MB
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operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
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Intel only
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10 Screenshots
MiJournalMiJournal - You can easily resize the images included in your entries.MiJournalMiJournalMiJournal - You also have the possibility to store your journal database in the Cloud.MiJournalMiJournalMiJournalMiJournal
What's New in This Release:
  • New Version fixes International Launch Issues with Yosemite. Please see the MiJournal Crash on Yosemite at http://gotoes.org/sales/Journal_App_Mac/MiJournal_Wont_Launch_Yosemite.php.
  • This only applies to some localizations, so if your copy of MiJournal is already working on Yosemite, there is no need to follow this link.
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