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A low-key and modernized MAC OS X utility for monitoring system resources featuring a highly customizable window and a memory clean option

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MenuBar Stats is a very handy and user-friendly Mac OS X application that displays essential information about your system’s resources in the status bar. The application comes with a versatile interface and multiple useful options.

Using this tiny app, you can monitor your Mac’s CPU, real memory, disk space, network and battery (if you use it on a MacBook) from a compact menu bar panel or desktop window / widget.

More specifically, MenuBar Stats tracks the CPU consumption of the user, system, idle and computer uptime, displays the wired, active, inactive and free RAM, the occupied / total disk space, current battery usage and the public IP, local IP, as well as the download / upload speeds.

MenuBar Stats is designed to always display up-to-date information because it allows you to set a frequent update interval (from 1 to 30 seconds) from the preferences. What’s more, you can rearrange the modules in any order and disable the ones you do not wish to keep.

In addition to this, the user interface can be viewed from the menu bar or as a desktop window, whichever you prefer. Also, the window can remain in the desktop background when you click on other apps when the Dock mode (desktop mode) is active.

Furthermore, extra customization options include changing the window background color (green, blue, orange, white or black) and adjusting the background opacity. The app even supports a custom global hotkey to activate it.

And this is not all you get. MenuBar Stats even provides one-click access to the Activity Monitor, Console, Terminal, Network Preferences and Network Utilities from a drop-down menu in its panel.

To sum up, MenuBar Stats is a nifty OS X tool that combines a strong set of utilities and many customization options. If you need an efficient and well-designed app to keep track of system resources, MenuBar Stats is the way to go.

MenuBar Stats was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on April 4th, 2015
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