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Tool for charting your progress with mindful breathing exercises





Mentronome is an easy to use application that records the ebb and flow of your breath using a regular microphone.

Mentronome helps if you have the microphone recording volume on high. Then it stores the detail of your session back on this site. Your information is private and only available by logging in with your google account.

Mentronome analyzes your progress over time using a special algorithm to inform you how effective your mindful breathing is- the longer and slower you breath during a session, the better you become.

If you like, you can use your google calendar to set a regular reminder to practice with mentronome.

Furthermore, if you have a portable digital recorder (often part of modern mp3 players and mobile phones) you can upload a recording of your breathing session so long as it saves as a "WAV" file.

Of course, you can always directly enter the details of your session through the website without using the mentronome software.
Last updated on December 7th, 2012
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