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A light, inconspicuous and user-friendly memory diagnostic tool specially made for Mac OS X Mavericks capable to optimize the RAM usage

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Although the new memory concepts of Mac OS X Mavericks allow you to fully use all available RAM, there is still room from improvement. Here is where Memory Monitor (formerly known as Memory Diag) steps in to help you optimize your memory usage.

Memory Monitor is a powerful and useful Mac OS X application that provides the necessary tools to monitor, diagnose and optimize your RAM usage directly from the menu bar.

Dynamic graphics and status bar icon

From Memory Monitor’s status bar menu, you can easily monitor your memory usage and view how much of your RAM is occupied by File Cache, Wired Memory, App Memory or Compressed. On top of that, you can also check the applications with a significant memory usage.

What is more, Memory Monitor comes with an animated graph that displays the memory usage and memory pressure meter. Every time you want to optimize the memory usage you just need to click on the “Optimize” button located in the center of the graphic.

Detailed RAM information, neatly layed out using three colorful themes

By accessing the Info panel, you can view all installed RAM modules, view detailed information about the memory usage and check the result of the memory diagnosis. Hence, you can view the total physical memory, memory used, virtual memory and swap used.

What is more, Memory Monitor can be configured to start at login and you can hide or show the Dock icon with just a few mouse clicks. Furthermore, you can access the Theme menu and switch between the Default, Rainbow and Dark theme, according to your preferences.

We would have liked Memory Monitor even more if it feature the option to automatically optimize your RAM usage if the memory usage reaches a certain level. Also, if your RAM usage is to high, Memory Monitor is not capable to optimize it and requires you to quit memory intense applications.

Memory Monitor was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 31st, 2015
Memory Monitor - From the main tab, one can get an eagle's eye view of the current memory consumption and a list of the apps with the most significant memory usage.Memory Monitor - The memory slots monitor makes it very easy to quickly get an idea of how and where your RAM memory is installed.Memory Monitor - The Memory Monitor app comes with three inbuilt color themes designed to make the app blend within your desktop environment easier.Memory Monitor - screenshot #4Memory Monitor - screenshot #5Memory Monitor - screenshot #6

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