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A simple, yet powerful Mac OS X application that enables you to quickly invert colors on your screen, adjust screen brightness, change the colors and more

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Magic Screen is a Mac OS X application that provides extra options for configuring the luminosity and colors of your screen. The application was developed to help reduce eye strain during the night by inverting the screen colors or adjusting screen brightness.

The utility does not come with a main user interface, although it provides a menu bar panel for activating the “Magic Screen” mode and accessing the Preferences window. From the preferences, you can start a preview of the view mode and change the display, color and menu bar settings.

Among the “Display” settings, we can name inverting the screen colors, which turns the screen really dark if white is the predominant color, hiding the desktop, disabling the shadows and adjusting the screen brightness. All of these options can be used independently of each other.

Furthermore, the “Colors” settings include adding a “Monochrome” effect to the screen and tinting the colors, an option that can dramatically change the screen. Two tint options are available: white and black; moreover, you can use OS X’s color options to further adjust the tint options.

As far as the “Menu bar” options are concerned, you can use an option to invert the menu bar and to dim when inactive. Below the latter option, there is a slider for adjusting the brightness level of the menu bar when not in foreground. As a sidenote, both the Night and Day modes support the menu bar options.

In summary, Magic Screen can come in quite handy to users with eye strain problems. It can switch the colors on your Mac’s screen to 180 degrees, but also provides enough options to help you customize the looks of the screen as per your convenience.

Magic Screen was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on January 13th, 2014
Magic Screen - The preferences enable you to change the screen colors and brightness.Magic Screen - By accessing the system bar item, you can turn on the Magic Screen mode.Magic Screen - Magic Screen can invert the screen colors and tint the colors at the same time.

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