Mach Wallpaper for Mac

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A handy and easy-to-use utility that enables you to change your Mac's desktop wallpaper and add multiple desklets with just a few mouse clicks

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Mach Wallpaper is an elegant Mac OS X application that embellishes your desktop with various live wallpapers filled with “Desklets” (lightweight desktop gadgets). Each dynamic wallpaper features beautiful 3D effects and displays the time, date and the weather forecast for the next 48 hours.

Mach Wallpaper comes with more than 20 different themes that can be switched in just two clicks. Moreover, you can apply various 3D visual effect, such as snow, stars, water, light, smoke, fog, fire, clouds and others.

To give you even more freedom in customizing the live wallpapers, you can rearrange the Desklets in any way you deem fit. For instance, the clock and humidity Desklets can be placed on the right side of your desktop, the calendar Desklet on the lower left corner, and so on.

In addition, certain themes display huge digital clocks on your desktop. Thus, you can use Mach Wallpaper as a handy clock app to always be on time at an appointment.

Another important feature is to automatically cycle between themes at a user-specified interval. In addition, each theme can contain different Desklets. From a separate interface called the Desklet Manager, users can easily customize Desklets. Some options you can configure are the colors, font, size, background color and foreground color.

Besides offering beautiful effects to your desktop, Mach Wallpaper offers detailed weather information as well. Your desktop can contain up-to-date information about the wind speed, humidity, charts and more. Even more 3D compositions can be downloaded within the application. They allow you to create your own Desklets and live wallpapers.

Furthermore, Mach Wallpaper is designed to work on all Mac displays. Whether you’re on a small MacBook or a large iMac Pro, Mach Wallpaper can display live wallpapers with equal clarity.

Mach Wallpaper was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
Mach Wallpaper [DISCOUNT: 40% OFF!] - Mach Wallpaper displays weather forecast, date and detail information about the humidity and outside temperature.Mach Wallpaper [DISCOUNT: 40% OFF!] - The Desklet Manager window helps you add various desklets to your Mac's desktop wallpaper.

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