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Powerful and secure OS X tool designed from scratch to make creating and managing your own virtual journals easier than ever before

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MacJournal is a streamlined and user-oriented OS X journaling application designed to help you write down a description of your day to day experiences within a friendly and intuitive creation environment.

Full-featured journal manager and multimedia-based logbook

Moreover, with the help of MacJournal you will be able to create your own journals using a Mac, and edit and manage them with ease by taking advantage of a vast array of features and tools designed from the get-go for this specific task.

Although MacJournal can be used as a text based activity tracker for a wide variety of purposes, such as a personal journal, for jotting down blog entries or keeping tabs on your daily events, it also makes it quite simple and straightforward to include multimedia content like photos, songs and even videos via a built-in media browser.

In addition, MacJournal also enables you to add your own audio recordings to any journal entry, thus allowing for an easy way to further personalize your daybook with your own generated content.

Chronological organized daybook

Your logbook entries are neatly organized in chronological order, therefore allowing for keeping a perfectly ordered record of everything you’ve done during a given period of time, if you kept adding to the journal each and every day.

The entries can be viewed in either Timeline mode, for a sequential display, or in Calendar Mode, if you need a more visual way to review your activity by month or year.

Complex structured journal keeper

Furthermore, all the journals that you create are easily accessible via MacJournal’s left sidebar and managing them  is as easy as dropping a journal’s folder using the mouse. This makes it possible to efficiently organize your journals using categories and sub-categories that can host an unlimited number of separate entries.

As an added advantage, depending on you being a social person or a private one that likes to keep everything out of the prying eyes of others, MacJournal makes it effortless to either upload your daily records on various web publishing platforms (e.g. WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal or Tumblr), or to protect your personal diary using both AES-256 encryption and password based access.

Powerful and user-friendly journal writing and managing app

Everything considered, MacJournal makes for a highly intuitive and comprehensive personal journal or blog editing utility, according to the type of records you want to keep.

MacJournal was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on August 17th, 2015
MacJournal - From MacJournal's main window you will be able to preview, add and organize your journal entries.MacJournal - By right clicking on your Journal book, you can sort the entries by their creation date, topic, tag, rating and other criteria.MacJournal - The Inspector window displays various information about the currently selected entry.MacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournalMacJournal

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