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A powerful, secure and reliable application that makes it easy for you to protect confidential data and private files from prying eyes

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Hider 2 is a simple and trustworthy Mac OS X application that makes it easy for your to hide, password protect and encrypt your files.

Helps you lock, encrypt and protect your personal data

Hider 2 uses AES-256 encryption to keep your data private every time you decide to hide a file or folder. In addition, Hider 2 is deigned to keep your data locked and protected using a strong password.

On top of that, Hider 2 enables you to hide and encrypt data on external drives that you can easily disconnect without worrying about your data’s safety.

Hider 2 comes with a user-oriented and well-designed interface that helps you keep everything organized in custom groups. Hence, you can easily keep track of your hidden files, sort your data and avoid the loss of hidden data.

Easily organize and manage your hidden files and folders

As follows, you can categorize your hidden data in order to make finding and hiding files a simple and uncomplicated task. Moreover, Hider 2 seamlessly integrates with your Mac’s Finder and is capable to sort and file hidden files based on their existing tags.

Under the primary vault you can hide and encrypt entire folders along with its contents and sub-folders. When necessary, Hider 2 helps you reveal any of your hidden files with just a click of a mouse button.

Hider 2’s side panel helps you create multiple vaults and store secure notes containing personal data, passwords, phone numbers and other sensitive information.

Take advantage of the handy menu bar assistant and hide or reveal files and folders

With the help of Hider 2’s menu bar assistant you can instantly find any given hidden file or folder and reveal or hide it without accessing the main window of the app.

The Preferences window enables you to toggle the menu bar assistant and set the time period after which Hider 2 automatically locks itself. By accessing the Shortcuts tab, you can assign new keyboard shortcuts for the locking and hiding functions.

In conclusion, Hider 2 helps you put out of sight your confidential information and keep third parties and prying eyes.

Hider 2 was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
Hider 2 - The main window allows one to view his files inside the vault so that he can select whether to hide them or make them visible.Hider 2 - The Menu Bar Assistant enables users to easily access the status of their files in order to hide or reveal private data.Hider 2 - With the help of the Sort by drop-down menu, users can select to sort the content of their vault by various.Hider 2 - screenshot #4Hider 2 - screenshot #5Hider 2 - screenshot #6Hider 2 - screenshot #7Hider 2 - screenshot #8Hider 2 - screenshot #9Hider 2 - screenshot #10

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