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A secure and flexible password protection manager






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MacFort is a Mac OS X application that password lock your private folders or files to be kept safe from unauthorized access,

Also, MacFort will allow you to create as many encrypted vaults as you wish, and then scan your system for important files and folders, move the cotents to an encrypted vault and make links point to them.

After doing that, your iPhoto library, Photo Booth Library, Safari(filefox) browser history, Email, MSN conversation history are strongly encrypted and password locked.

Now, before you open your favorite apps: iphoto, photo booth, safari, mail, you must supply the correct password to mount the vault first, if password enter wrong, these apps will be denied access to its library, so your important data will be completely inaccessible to anyone else.

Not only protect the built-in files, MacFort also allows you to lock individual folders or files with passwords, If you need to password lock some files or folders, just add them to MacFort, then MacFort will do the rest for you.
Last updated on April 17th, 2015
MacFort - MacFort will allow you to mount and unmount any vault you've created using its toolbar buttons.MacFortMacFortMacFortMacFort - From MacFort's file management window you will be able to add new files and folders to your vaults.MacFort - The New Vault slide sheet enables users to create new vaults and customize their properties.

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