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Streamlined and user-friendly OS X application designed to help you keep track of your entire family using intuitive genealogy graphs and reports

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MacFamilyTree is a comprehensive and user-oriented software solution designed from the beginning with one single goal in mind: to help you create a detailed tree of your entire family and to generate genealogy trees spanning entire centuries.

Powerful and comprehensive genealogy data analyzer and visualizer for OS X

Moreover, with the help of the MacFamilyTree application, you can effortlessly manage and analyze your family’s genealogy data by rapidly creating various types of reports and charts that will make it very easy and straightforward to understand who your ancestors were.

MacFamilyTree also comes with a well-designed interface which will enable you to get the most out of the genealogy data at hand.

Thus, the app features 4 side tabs (i.e. Edit, Views, Reports, Export) that allow you to edit your genealogy data, view it using simple to grasp models, generate reports with a couple of mouse clicks and export your analysis’ results for further usage within other genealogy or statistics analytic tools.

Implements and supports both CoreAnimation and Core Data state-of-the-art development infrastructures for the best performance possible

In addition, MacFamilyTree makes use of the powerful Apple CoreAnimation technology in order to provide you with the best possible experience on your Mac while you’re browsing your family’s tree and adding relatives or going through the list of your successors and forefathers.

Furthermore, MacFamilyTree’s built-in Core Data database technology enables it to make it possible to list and family trees of hundreds or thousands of people without putting a load on your Mac’s processor and memory.

Adds support for iCloud-based synchronization to your family tree so that you can access it effortlessly from all your iCloud-enabled devices

Also, because it is also build as a 64-bit OS X application, MacFamilyTree knows how to manage your processor’s resources in such a way that your system will always be stable even when the app is working on intensive report generation tasks.

MacFamilyTree also features iCloud synchronization support, thus helping you keep your family tree in sync wether you have it stored on your Mac or on any of your iOS devices.

Full-featured and user-friendly OS X family tree builder and viewer for all Mac users, advanced and beginners alike

All in all, because of its modern technology support and ease of use when working with huge family tree databases, MacFamilyTree is the app you want if you’re trying to get a clear and fact-based overview of your family tree using your Mac.

MacFamilyTree was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on July 27th, 2015
MacFamilyTree - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to view and browse the family tree.MacFamilyTree - In the Persons tab you can edit the selected person from your family tree.MacFamilyTree - From the Families tab one can easily browse families, as well as edit the information of any person.MacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTreeMacFamilyTree

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