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An easy to use Mac OS X application designed to help you transfer the data recorded by different dive computers to your desktop device.

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Using a dive computer is very important because the device is able to record both the depth and the time of a dive in order to calculate a safe ascent profile. This way, you can easily avoid the dangers of decompression sickness.

The devices keep logs for all your dives and you can choose to transfer the data to your Mac computer. MacDive is a simple and organized Mac app that can help you manage this data.

Keep in mind that you must install USB drives for your dive computer before trying to transfer the logs. The MacDive developers provide a list of all supported devices and quick links for the required drivers packages.

Streamlined user interface

The MacDive design is fairly intuitive and you should not have problems finding your way around. The main window is separated in two areas: the left panel allows you to jump between the different categories of your library (all dives, recently imported, gear, sites, divers, certification, countries, date, computers, and more), while on the right side you can visualize their content.

Moreover, the top toolbar provides quick access to basic functions and includes a small search bar. MacDive also provides an online wiki where you can find different tips and tricks on how you can use the app more efficiently.

Import dive logs

To get started, you must connect your dive computer to your Mac, and then select the “Download Dives” function via the MacDive File menu or by using the Settings drop down menu placed in the top app toolbar.

The process is not very complicated: you must specify the dive computer model, the timezone you want to use and what data you want to extract (all dives, only new dives, or any dives that have not been imported).

Once the information is transferred, you can easily browse it by making use of the MacDive tools and smart lists.

Easy to use dive logs manager

MacDive is a great application to have around if you are an underwater diver and you want to keep track of all your dives. However, keep in mind that only certain devices are supported and that you must install the proper drivers before being able to transfer the data.

MacDive was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 5th, 2015
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