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A "Swiss-Army-Knife" app with an outstanding number of features that will enable you to easily access hidden OS X features and customize the system to your liking.

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Ever wanted to tweak or customize OS X's features? That is where the Mac Pilot app comes into play with its customization features. Basically, it provides a more user-friendly way to change all your Mac's system features and settings using a simple and intuitive interface.

Comes with a large collection of hidden OS X features ready to be toggled on and off in an instant

Regarding Mac Pilot’s looks there isn’t much to be said besides the fact that it provides you with a feeling of ease throughout the whole experience. But that’s not important, it doesn’t need to be more fancy because it was created to do one thing and it does it good.

The Mac Pilot app was designed to allow for a wide array of personalization feature and it covers a lot of areas from simple things like disabling menu items and increasing the speed at which windows resize, all the way to disabling the usage of one of your processor's core secondary processor.

Offers a straightforward way of optimizing your OS and fixing it with a click of a button

Furthermore, if you really feel that your system is sluggish, you can choose from a set of tools that will make all your problems disappear by optimizing your system, and repairing the file permissions and volume structure for a disk of your choice.

And it doesn't stop here given the fact that Mac Pilot can also help you view the system's Crash Reports log and a list of Error Code definitions for multiple OS X versions.

Helps you adjust and analyze your network connection's properties

One other worth mentioning feature of Mac Pilot is its capability to both enable and disable OS X's animations and effects in order to get a more responsive and fast operating system.

Moreover, the Mac Pilot app can generate detailed network statistics, enable you to change the advanced settings of each network interface and optimize your broadband connection's settings.

While the catalog of tools and features built-in within Mac Pilot are quite staggering, they also make way for a small problem, and that is that the explanations for each separate feature and how it works could have been more extensive.

Taking everything into consideration, Mac Pilot manages to put a lot of powerful and useful tools at your fingertips and, without doubt, this makes it one of the most useful and versatile app that you could have installed on your Mac for tweaking a wide assortment of hidden system features and optimizing its performance without much knowledge of the inner workings of Apple's OS X.

MacPilot was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
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