MacPilot 7.0.1

Helps you to easily enable hidden OS X features
With its complete set of Mac tools and easy to use interface, MacPilot is truly your digital companion. Run scripts as an advanced system optimizer, enable hidden options and features, and erase your computer history!

Whether you need your computer privacy because you are dealing with sensitive information, or just to hide birthday shopping, MacPilot will put your heart at ease with its ability to erase the most common signs of computer usage.

It can delete search history, erase internet history, as well as forget about recently opened files and launched applications! But it's ability to delete history files isn't it's only crowning accomplishment.

Now, users can update their prebinding, rebuild the 'whatis' database, force empty the trash, run 'cron', repair disk permissions, and much more. MacPilot will also function as network management software, allowing users to view information in one pane, easily.

You can also turn off all these extra dazzling features to increase performance, as a lot of the animations will slow down the Mac OS on older machines.

Main features:

  • Toggle Finder visual effects.
  • Hide & disable Finder menu items.
  • Enable the Cut Finder menuitem.
  • Change the Finder Label Line Count.
  • Add a Quit menu item to the Finder.
  • Disable Desktop Icons.
  • Show invisible files.
  • Enable slow-motion visual effect mode.
  • Toggle the Dock Shadow.
  • Toggle feature to turn icons for hidden applications transparent.
  • Lock the size, position, orientation, contents, magnification, and effect of the dock.
  • Show invisible files in Dock menus.
  • Add a Quit menu item to the Finder.
  • Change the orientation, pinning, and effect.
  • Forget that Netscape, Mozilla or IE bookmarks were imported.
  • Show the Safari build number in the window title.
  • Enable tool-tip mouse overs for links.
  • Change logging options.
  • Show the Debug menu.
  • Disable PDF support.
  • Change cache & history limits and options.
  • Use Plain Text message content by default instead of HTML.
  • Show invisible control characters in message source.
  • Change bundle compatibility version.
  • Enable numerous logging options.
  • Enable or disable bundles.
  • Automatically mount disks without user login.
  • View detailed disk information such as partition type, free space, boot flags, and more.
  • Verify disk permissions.
  • Repair disk permissions.
  • Change UPS and Battery disk spindown time.
  • Enable or disable journaling.
  • Disable console access.
  • Hide admin, network, and/or local users.
  • Kiosk mode.
  • Disable the restart, shutdown, or sleep buttons.
  • Use text fields instead of user icons.
  • Show input panel.
  • Show "Other" users button.
  • Change the background picture.
  • Modify the welcome text and size.
  • Adjust the startup delay after login.
  • Show admin host information such as host name, system verison, ip address, etc.
  • Increase/decrease the count of retries given on a password until the hint is shown.
  • Change the startup mode to Normal, Verbose, Safe or Single.
  • Specify custom boot arguements.
  • Change the default umask for file permissions.
  • Disable the secondary processor (if applicable).
  • Show kernel panics on screen.
  • Disable the startup chime.
  • Limit RAM available to the system.
  • Turn power button into Programmer's Button.
  • Disable .DS_Store file creation across networks.
  • View detailed network statistics and setting information for each device.
  • Change over 10 advanced network settings such as buffer size, RFC compliance, and NewReno.
  • Optimize connection for Broadband.
  • Advertise Apple Personal File Sharing on AppleTalk & Bonjour.
  • Allow SSH tunneling.
  • Grant admin users root access.
  • Automatically create home directories for file sharing users.
  • Enforce quotas on home folders.
  • Use home directories.
  • Limit Mac OS X admins to only seeing share points.
  • Limit Mac OS 9 users to only seeing share points.
  • Allow root login.
  • Allow clients to sleep.
  • Allow admins to masquerade as other users.
  • Auto restart server after crash.
  • Notify client if the server is full.
  • Send login greeting only once to users.
  • Enable Logging.
  • Disconnect idle users.
  • Change the login message.
  • Change the warning message when disconnected for being idle.
  • Modify the maximum allowed sleep and idle time.
  • Adjust log retention based on size and/or age.
  • Set a maximum connections limit.
  • Limit number of concurrent threads.
  • Limit number of allowed guests.
  • Change the AFS port.
  • Update locate database.
  • Verify preferences integrity.
  • Update/Rebuild prebinding.
  • Erase Spotlight index.
  • Erase unused preferences.
  • Erase .DS_Store files.
  • Repair classic permissions.
  • Erase icon cache.
  • Update whatis database.
  • Rebuild Launch Services database.
  • Lock & Unlock files & folders.
  • Force empty trash(es).
  • Create Symbolic Links.
  • Force delete files and folders.
  • Erase recently used file records.
  • Recreate Mac OS 9 desktop link.
  • Clear user cache.
  • Run all, daily, weekly, or monthly cron jobs.
  • Change the default fonts used within the system and application windows for monospaced fonts, messages, labels, title bars, tool tips, and more.
  • View, empty & delete logs.
  • Show the Debug menu in Address Book, Sherlock and Apple Remote Desktop 3.
  • Allow the mouse to auto-active terminal windows.
  • Disable disk image checksum verification.
  • Show advanced disk conversion settings in Disk Utility.
  • Enable Expose picture in picture mode.
  • Force iPhoto to ask for a launch after a hot plug.
  • Enable Dashboard developer mode, or disable Dashboard all together.
  • Show active screen corner markers.
  • Display the Expose blob.
  • Disable the scrollbar in the Terminal.
  • Place an Eject Disk icon in the menu bar.
  • Change the screenshot format, name and destination.
  • Change window resize speed, font smoothing, and scroll arrow positioning.
  • Set the Crash Reporter mode to short or full, or disable it all together.
  • View detailed system statistics.
  • View, copy & print a Character Map for the given font.
  • Access a huge list of Macintosh hidden key combinations.
  • Complete port list.
  • Error Code list with definitions for Mac OS 6 through Mac OS X.

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October 18th, 2014, 6:44 GMT
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Koingo Software
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Mac OS X 10.7 or later
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Intel only
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MacPilot - The General tab allows you to enable or disable hidden features in Mac OS X.MacPilot - On the Disks tab you can view information related to your hard disk drives and verify/repair the file permissions.MacPilot - On the Network tab you can view information about your Mac's network interfaces.MacPilotMacPilotMacPilotMacPilotMacPilotMacPilotMacPilotMacPilotMacPilotMacPilotMacPilotMacPilotMacPilot
What's New in This Release:
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug with tapping to click on a trackpad when setting features in the Advanced Editor.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed registration bug for users with a corrupt com.koingosw.MacPilot6 .plist file in their preferences folder.
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