Mac Backup Guru for Mac

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Unsophisticated backup solution that integrates scheduling functions and offers you the possibility to copy files and folders between volumes in no time






Mac Backup Guru is a simple yet very efficient backup solution that enables you to clone entire folders in order to create exact backups. The application can copy the files to another folder on the same drive, but you can also place the backup on a different volume.

To reduce the file transfer time, after the initial cloning you can choose to create only incremental snapshots. In this case, Mac Backup Guru will copy only the files that have been modified, and not waste time on unmodified documents.

In addition, Mac Backup Guru integrated scheduling capabilities, which means that you can have the app running the backup on its own on specific days of the week, at a certain hour.

If you are dealing with a large data load, it is advisable to schedule the backup at a time of the day when you are not actively using the computer. All in all, finding your way around the Mac Backup Guru application proves to be fairly intuitive.
Last updated on June 3rd, 2015
Mac Backup Guru - The Mac Backup Guru main window where you can setup the source and destination folders for the backupsMac Backup Guru - In the Mac Backup Guru Exclusions list you must add all the folders that you don't want to include in your backupMac Backup Guru - In the Mac Backup Guru main window you get to easily monitor the file transfer process and see how many files are left to be copiedMac Backup Guru - Mac Backup Guru lets you know where the backup process is complete, and also allows you to schedule periodic backups

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