Lock Screen Plus 2.2

Secure and beautiful looking OS X lock screen app designed to help you keep your Mac secure while you're away and to display various useful bits of information like the time and weather conditions

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What's new in Lock Screen Plus 2.2:

  • Add new Zombie Theme.
  • Fix Bug Lock shortcut not working when hide menu bar icon.
  • Fix Bug when lock with multiple monitor.
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Lock Screen PlusLock Screen PlusLock Screen PlusLock Screen PlusLock Screen Plus
Locking your computer's screen is a must if you're working in a public place and you don't want other people going through your files while you're away.

Similarly, if you're dealing with sensitive information that shouldn't be accessed by third parties, locking your Mac's screen when you are not in front of your computer makes it impossible for anyone else to get access to your data.

Although setting your Mac to ask for your password after waking up from sleep or when the screensaver begins and disabling the automatic login can prove to be an effective way of preventing unauthorized access, there are also OS X applications specifically designed for this task.

Unobtrusive screen locking app for your Mac

Such an application is Lock Screen Plus, an inconspicuous utility that will automatically lock your Mac's screen for your when idle or entering sleep, immediately after login or on your command using a custom global hot-key.

On the lock screen, the Lock Screen Plus app can be configured to display a custom wallpaper with a pre-defined lock text to convey any message you want to all other people that would want to unlock it while you're not around.

Theme-able lock screen with weather conditions and multiple ways of launching the screen lock process

Additionally, you can also set it to display the current weather conditions, together with the current time and your MacBook's battery level. Lock Screen Plus also features 20 different themes that further allow you to customize the lock screen displayed when you want to prevent access to your Mac.

Furthermore, you can choose your favorite method to unlock your computer. Lock Screen Plus comes with support for keyboard, mouse and even trackpad unlocking, and you can select the one that you consider to fit your needs better and that makes it faster for your to unlock your Mac and get back to work quicker.

Lock your screen for when your are away and you don't want strangers to access your private data

To sum it all up, if you're in need of a tool that makes it very easy to lock up your screen to block access to your Mac when you're away and to display useful information when idle, Lock Screen Plus is the tool for you.

Lock Screen Plus was reviewed by , last updated on January 6th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel only)

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