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Provides a simple and straightforward method to quickly access online information in an efficient manner, via different hot-keys

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Liquid is a powerful and versatile text interaction utility for your Mac that enables you to easily and effortlessly interact with text in all your applications.

Thanks to Liquid you can look up and translate words, share information, convert between different measurement units, perform calculations and more. The unobtrusive application lives in your Mac’s status bar and can be easily summoned after you select a word or text fragment by using the global keyboard shortcut: CMD + SHIFT + 2.

From Liquid’s main window you can easily search the web for the selected text or word. You will be able to search using Google, Google Images and Google Maps, Amazon, Linkedin and YouTube. All available websites have intuitive hotkeys that you can use in order to save time and improve your efficiency.

By accessing the Reference slide menu, you can search for a word using Wikipedia, IMDB, Google Definitions, Etymonline, Oxford English Dictionary, Wolfram Alpha and Wordnik. On top of that, the Convert menu allows you to convert between different currencies and units of measurement. Liquid covers everything from temperature and area to speed, distance, volume, data, weight and power.

Another useful feature provided by Liquid is the built-in translator capable to translate words and phrases from almost all exiting languages to any language you like. What is more, Liquid allows you to share the selected word or text with your friends, family and co-workers via Email, Facebook, Twitter or Google Mail.

The Preferences window helps you choose the desired browser for search and references results and enable Liquid to automatically start at login. In addition, you can activate Liquid even when no text is selected and adjust the menu timing.

To sum up, Liquid is a fully-featured, low-key and flexible utility that enables you to perform a wide variety of tasks without interrupting your work flow.

Liquid was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 25th, 2015
Liquid - From the Convert drop-down menu you can easily select the conversion criteria.Liquid - In the Reference drop-down menu you can easily select the desired search location.Liquid - The application also allows you to translate to and from Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, English, French, German or Russian.Liquid - screenshot #4Liquid - screenshot #5Liquid - screenshot #6Liquid - screenshot #7

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