KeyUp for Mac1.0 Beta 6

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A simple Mac OS X application that places a virtual keyboard on your screen and allows you to enable different audio effects when typing.

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Having a virtual keyboard on your desktop can prove to be extremely useful if you want to learn how to type without watching your hands or if your hardware keyboard does not function properly.

KeyUp is a small Mac application that places a keyboard on your screen and displays an animation whenever you press a key. At the same time, it will also highlight keys on mouse over.

The virtual keyboard remains on your desktop at all times but you can adjust the window size and the transparency level when unfocused (the window is focused if your cursor is on top of the keyboard). Likewise, you can also adjust the transparency level for the focused mode.

Noteworthy is that the KeyUp virtual keyboard also includes the sticky modifier keys: to use them simply press each specific key and it will remain active until you press it again.

The KeyUp window remains on top of your apps at all times which can prove annoying in certain situations. However, you can use the window management buttons from the top left corner to minimize, maximize or close the panel altogether.

In the opposite corner, the KeyUp Settings menu allows you to enable one of the available audio effects (clacky, iOS or typewriter) or change the interface theme (white, black or Irradiated).

To sum up, KeyUp provides quick access to a virtual keyboard which can prove to be extremely useful if you do not have a hardware device for typing or you simply don’t want to use one.

KeyUp was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on April 14th, 2015
KeyUp - The KeyUp main window displays the keyboard and you can enables different audio effects via the settings menu.KeyUp - From the KeyUp Settings menu you can easily switch between the available keyboard themes.KeyUp - Via the KeyUp Settings menu you can adjust the main window's transparency level both for the focused and for the unfocused mode.

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