JumpBox for MindTouch Core 1.7.4

Provides the easiest way to get started with the Community Edition of Deki.

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What's new in JumpBox for MindTouch Core 1.7.4:

  • Deki has been updated to MindTouch Core 10.1.4. Restoring from 1.1.0 and newer JumpBoxes should work.
  • This is a bugfix releaser. Release notes will be available at the following link once made available by the project. http://developer.mindtouch.com/en/docs/MindTouch/Release_Notes/Pipestone_(10.1)
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JumpBox for MindTouch CoreJumpBox for MindTouch CoreJumpBox for MindTouch CoreJumpBox for MindTouch Core
MindTouch Deki is an enterprise-grade collaboration platform that makes it easy to collaborate on data that resides in disparate external systems.

Unlike traditional wikis where the data is locked inside the wiki, Deki allows the user to reference data from other systems and embed it in the context of the page.

It has a host of features which allow non-technical business users to solve many data interchange challenges on their own including:
· A WYSISYG editor that produces valid XHTML instead of wiki markup.
· DekiScript for performing various operations on the embedded data.
· The ability to reference live and historical data.
· A massive library of extensions for easy integration with other systems.

The JumpBox provides the easiest way to get started with the Community Edition of Deki. The complexity of setting up the underlying technologies (Mono and PHP environments along with the MySQL database) is reduced to a trivial 2-minute JumpBox install experience.

The JumpBox yields the fastest, most headache-free path for getting started with Deki with the ability to upgrade to the Enterprise version at any time.

A JumpBox packages an application's software, dependencies, and application data into a single virtual application that deploys locally, or hosted to major computing, virtualization, and cloud computing platforms.

Swiftly deploy on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems to virtualization platforms like VMware, Xen, Parallels, Virtual Iron, Microsoft Virtualization, and Amazon EC2.

Last updated on February 21st, 2013

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.0 or later (Universal Binary)

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#access external system #collaborate on data #access data #access #data #external system #collaborate

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