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A comprehensive image viewer that makes it easy for you to manage, preview, sort and rename your pictures from within a user-oriented interface

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piQtility is a smooth-running and easy-to-use Mac OS X application that provides all the tools and features you might need to manage and organize your photo library.

Helps you to smoothly and efficiently manage, sort and batch rename your image files

piQtility also comes with a user-friendly interface from which you have instant access to three different modules, Sorting, File Editing and Export HTML.

As follows, piQtility helps you sort and store your pictures in folders and sub-folders by creating copies and aliases or by moving the original files. Consequently, you have the option to create your own folder structure that an also be stored as a preset that you can use later on.

Organizes and sorts your pictures following your custom rules

piQtility’s batch processing capabilities enable you to organize folders with pictures based on a mixture of criteria that can include EXIF user comment, pixel height and width, file name, color profile, Finder label color, file extension and more.

Moreover, piQtility makes it easy for you to batch upload your images to iPhone along with supplementary information such as, title, keywords, rating or comment. For all existing images, piQtility automatically adds a version number.

Rename, rotate, scale and archive multiple images with ease

As mentioned above, piQtility also comes with editing capabilities that allow you to rename files, edit pictures and add EXIF comments. Therefore, you can add, replace or strip parts of the file names, number photos and transform the characters to upper or lower case.

On top of that, piQtility helps you scale, crop, frame, color and convert pictures in batch and single file mode. Easily add or edit EXIF user comment and archive folders or files in individual ZIP files for quick and painless file sharing.

In addition, piQtility enables you to quickly and effortlessly create HMTL picture galleries with just a couple of mouse click with the help of the customizable templates that come with the app.

piQtility was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 18th, 2015

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