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A minimalist status bar menu application for your Mac that offers you the possibility to search for and use Icons8.com icons within your own graphics projects

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If you are looking for high-quality icons that can be included in various projects in no time, Icons8 might be the answer for your.

Instant access to icon designs that can be used in your own projects

By installing the application you will gain access to a collection of Win8 and iOS styled icons that can be used free of charge as long as you provide a link to the developer’s page.

The icons that come with the Icons8 app can be used for both personal and commercial projects. However, if you do not want to include a link, the Icons8 developers offer you the possibility to buy a license.

Browse the included collections, or look for specific designs

Since it is designed to be a status bar menu application, Icons8 will stay out of your way most of the time. If you want to use it, just press the icon and you will gain access to the search panel.

You can refine your search results by specifying the icon type (Windows 8 or iOS 7) and the image kind (PNG 25, PNG 32, PNG 50, PNG 70, PNG 128, PNG256, PNG 512, SVG or EPS).

Once you decided to use a specific icon you can drag and drop it on top of an image editor or on top of a Finder window to extract it. At the same time, via the contextual menu you can navigate to the original file or copy the picture.

Download the icon collections to your Mac in no time

Take into account that Icons8 simply allows you to browse, search and extract the icons downloaded or purchased from the icons8.com website. As a result, in the Preferences window you can quickly modify the download location if necessary.

To sum up, Icons8 provides access to a large collection of high quality icons (more than 2800 images) that can be purchased or used free of charge both personally and commercially if you include a link to the icons8.com website.

Icons8 was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 25th, 2015
Icons8 - In the Icons8 main panel you can easily search for and preview icons.Icons8 - screenshot #2Icons8 - From the Icons8 drop down menus you can adjust the icon size and type.Icons8 - screenshot #4Icons8 - In the Icons8 Preferences window you can specify the source folders for your icons collections.

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