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Helps you convert files, folders and disk icons into images






Icon2Image is a very useful contextual menu plug-in that you use to convert file, folder and disk icons into images. You will be able to convert any image format supported by your installed version of Quicktime.

Once the plug-in is installed (directions for installation are below) simply Control-click on items in the Finder to display the menu. (Control-click means that you hold the control key down as you mouse-down on an item.) With the menu displayed select a menu item named after the resulting image file to perform the conversion.

Images are saved in the Icon2Image folder, created in the Documents folder of your home directory. You can use the menu item 'Go to Icon2Image folder...' to quickly access the images.

Each menu item below the 'Go to Icon2Image folder...' item displays the name of the image file created, as well as the description of the file type (as provided by Quicktime).

For example, if you selected the Desktop.bmp (BMP) menu item in the sample menu above, then Icon2Image would create an image file in the BMP format named Desktop.bmp in the Icon2Image folder of your Documents folder.

Note that the menu may look different on your Mac. The menu items are determined by the Quicktime compressors installed on your system.
Last updated on February 18th, 2015
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