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Application launcher for OS X that aims to boost your productivity and improve your workflow by keeping your most used apps and documents right within your mouse's reach

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Icon Pallet aims to be a complement to Apple’s OS X dock for power users that have a very crowded dock and still need more space for countless app and document shortcuts.

Therefore, if your dock has become unusable due to the sheer amount of icons it stores for you, you can try the Icon Pallet for more app launching goodness.

Large launch area for a vast number of shortcuts

Icon Pallet allows you to add up to 600 different items onto its launch area, quite enough to help you free up even the most busy dock. Additionally, Icon Pallet will make it very easy to add shortcuts to applications, documents, folder or drives, all of them easy to open or run with just a muse click.

Drag and drop operation

What’s more, while using Icon Pallet on your Mac as an extra dock, you can add extra shortcuts and organize the ones you’ve already added via drag-and-drop, just like you’re used too with Apple’s dock.

On the downside, Icon Pallet comes with quite an outdated look that does not follow Apple’s Mac OS X Human Interface Guidelines for OS X apps.

Furthermore, a feature that should be a must-have when talking about app launchers, auto-hiding the panel when it is no longer needed, is not implemented. Therefore, once you’ve opened Icon Pallet on your Mac, it will always be there, until you will quit it.

Simple and easy extra dock for your Mac's desktop

All things considered, Icon Pallet is a good place to move some of the shortcuts in your overcrowded dock, if you’re not one to be bothered by its antiquated look or the fact that it doesn’t come with Apple Dock’s auto-hide feature.

Icon Pallet was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on March 5th, 2015
Icon Pallet

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