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Graphically displays world time zones





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HourWorld shows the light and dark areas of the Earth with the positions of the Sun and Moon.

Twilight is displayed with both beauty and geometric precision as it blends from daylight into full darkness around the world. The primary screen displays up to 14 clocks, showing the current time and day/night status in cities of your choice.

Functions include worldwide clocks, phone call coordinator, sunrise and sunset, sun and moon calendars, sundial, and GPS.
Last updated on December 2nd, 2014
HourWorld - HourWorld's main window helps you choose different time zones according to your preferences.HourWorld - By accessing the Display menu you will be able to access various information according to the selected criteria.HourWorld - The View menu enables you to hide or display numerous information related to the map an time zone.HourWorldHourWorldHourWorldHourWorld

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