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Powerful search tool for Mac OS X that is based on Apple's Spotlight and designed to offer you the possibility to perform detailed queries in a snap

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Apple’s Spotlight engine can help you find files in no time but does not allow you to set up multiple rules for your searches, which translates in longer queries. HoudahSpot is a simple Mac app built on top of Spotlight that can take various elements into account when trying to find files and folders.

Unobtrusive workflow

HoudahSpot stays out of your way at all times but you can easily access its interface any time you want. The app places a small icon in your status bar menu which provides access to the Blitz Search Window (a simplified version) or to the HoudahSpot menu (you can activated through a right click).

In the HoudahSpot Blitz Search window you get to perform quick searching by using different search templates. At the same time, you can activate basic criteria and match the query text to the file name, to any text content, or to included comments.

Fast search tool designed to help you speed-up and refine your queries

For more complicated tasks, you might want to navigate to the HoudahSpot main window and take advantage of everything the application has to offer. You can specify what are you looking for and where, and limit the results list by applying various rules. In addition, you can choose to exclude certain folders.

HoudahSpot allows you to create rules for a wide range of file attributes and for all the metadata indexed by Spotlight. Note that the results list includes all the information known to Spotlight, but also additional data provided by HoudahSpot.

Complete search solution for Mac OS X

HoudahSpot offers a wide range of sorting capabilities that can help you find specific files in no time. The app is using the powerful Spotlight engine, but makes its own computations and allows you to set up countless tools to refine the queries and find what you were looking for faster.

HoudahSpot was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 26th, 2015
HoudahSpot - The HoudahSpot main window where you can perform searches and refine the results by applying different filters and limitsHoudahSpot - The HoudahSpot View menu offers you the possibility to choose the columns that should be visible, to apply different sorting rules, and so onHoudahSpot - The HoudahSpot Templates menu enables you to quickly apply the settings of one of the predefined searching templatesHoudahSpot - screenshot #4HoudahSpot - screenshot #5HoudahSpot - screenshot #6HoudahSpot - screenshot #7HoudahSpot - screenshot #8HoudahSpot - screenshot #9HoudahSpot - screenshot #10HoudahSpot - screenshot #11

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