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A Mac OS X desktop client for the HeyWire service that can be used to easily send and receive text and image messages from your computer.

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Most carriers are charging for text messages which can lead to quite expensive phone bills. HeyWire is a small application that can help you send and receive messages, using a real US phone number, from your desktop or mobile device, completely free of charge.

Register for a HeyWire account on your mobile device

To be able to create a HeyWire account and receive a real phone number, you must install the HeyWire app on your mobile device. HeyWire is available for iOS devices, but can also be used on Android or Windows phones.

You can decide to use one of the phone numbers available for free, but in this case, both the mobile and the desktop HeyWire applications will display ads.

Connect your HeyWire account on the desktop computer

The HeyWire desktop client allows you to login to your account by using the assigned pone number and the password you set up in the Settings area of the mobile application.

The login window allows you to make sure the account is connected at startup and that the HeyWire Notifier (displays alerts when you receive new messages) will be running by default.

Other customization options include the fact that you can adjust the alert volume, change the account password, or create your own signature (limited to 50 characters).

Straightforward desktop app for sending and receiving text and image messages

Using the HeyWire desktop application is quite intuitive and you should not have problems finding your way around. The best part is that you can use the HeyWire number to communicate with others, regardless if they are using the HeyWire service or not.

HeyWire delivers a simple and intuitive solution for sending text messages without being charged. However, keep in mind that you need to install the app on your mobile device to be able to create an account and receive a HeyWire phone number.

HeyWire was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 8th, 2014
HeyWire - In the HeyWire main window you can view the messages you have received and write new ones.HeyWire - In the HeyWire Settings window you can easily adjust the alert volume, change the app password and more.HeyWire - In the HeyWire Preferences window you can quickly login to your HeyWire account.

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