HardwareGrowler for Mac2.2

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A minimalist status bar menu application for the Mac OS X that provides access to a notification system focused on the hardware devices connected to your computer.

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Part of the Growl Project, HardwareGrowler is a notification system designed to monitor the status of your hardware components. The system will display notifications whenever there is even the smallest change when it comes to the devices plugged to your Mac.

HardwareGrowler comes as a status bar menu application and, by clicking on the menu icon, you can quickly access its Preferences window and personalize the notifications rules.

From the Modules panel you can decide the services that should be provided by HardwareGrowler: Bluetooth Monitor, Firewire Monitor, Keyboard Monitor, Network Monitor, Power Monitor, USB Monitor or Volume Monitor.

Note that each module has its own customization options. For example, in the Volume Monitor area, you can easily create your own list of ignored devices: press the Add button from the bottom of the panel and select the gadget.

Similarly, the Keyboard Monitor module offers you the possibility to see notifications whenever the Caps Lock, FN or the Shift keys are activated or deactivated.

HardwareGrowler is extremely useful if you want to know if your IP changes, if your are accessing another wireless network, if a thumbdrive is connected or unplugged, if your power cord gets unplugged and much more.

To conclude, HardwareGrowler delivers a simple and unobtrusive solution for making sure that you are always aware of what happens with the hardware elements connected to your Mac and more.

HardwareGrowler was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 2nd, 2014
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