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A lightweight and easy-to-use menulet that enables you to setup alarms, track time, use countdowns and wake up your Mac from sleep

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Alarm Clock is a handy and unobtrusive Mac OS X application specially designed to wake you up with your favorite song from your iTunes library.

Simple and intuitive alarm clock for daily use

Alarm Clock discreetly runs in the background and can be summoned via its status bar menu from where you can create a new alarm, start a timer or use a stopwatch. When setting up a new alarm, you can set the alarm time and date and configure Alarm Clock to automatically repeat the alarm on the desired day or days of the week.

What is more, Alarm Clock allows you to choose the alarm song from your iTunes library or playlists and enable the Easy Wake feature. You can even shuffle songs from your playlist and listen to the selected song directly from within the app.

Wake up to the desired song and keep track of time with ease

By using the Easy Wake feature, you can configure Alarm Clock to slowly increase the sound volume from any given value to the desired value. You can also adjust the scaling duration and use Easy Wake by default for all your events.

As mentioned above, you can use the Timer function to start countdowns and the Stopwatch feature to track various events.

Customize the menubar icon and personalize Alarm Clock’s behavior

Thanks to the Preferences menu, you can use the colored or monochrome status bar icon, adjust the alarm volume and snooze duration. Moreover, you can set the time period for completely stopping an alarm.

The Advanced tab helps you change the keyboard behavior, enable the support for the Apple remote and enable Alarm Clock to wake your computer from sleep. You can setup Alarm Clock to start at login and place the Timer and Stopwatch floating windows anywhere within your Mac’s desktop.

Alarm Clock was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 12th, 2014
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