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Easy to use OS X application designed to enable you to make and receive phone calls from your Mac using your Bluetooth-enabled phone

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HandsFree is a powerful and handy Mac OS X application that turns your Mac into a user-friendly handsfree device for your mobile phone.

Use your Mac as a handsfree device for your mobile phone

With HandsFree’s help, you can make and receive calls on your Mac using your mobile phone over a Bluetooth connection.

In other words, you can use your Mac’s built-in microphone and speakers to make phone calls as you work and browse the web.

Thanks to HandsFree, you can leave your phone in another room to charge or leave it in your pocket or bag and still use it to receive and make calls.

What is more, HandsFree seamlessly integrates with OS X’s Notification Center in order to display notifications when you run out of battery or when you have a missed call.

Quickly check your phone’s status and find the desired contact

HandsFree’s status bar menu makes it easy for you to check your phone’ battery and coverage status, find a contact in your list, open the dial pad and change the audio output. You can also redail the last number with just a click of a mouse button.

Moreover, HandsFree automatically lowers the volume of all other running applications during a phone call and allows you to talk to your friends, family and co-worker with ease. On top of that, the missed call notification enables you to ignore the missed call or call back.

Dial phone numbers and accept calls on your Mac or phone

HandsFree allows you to accept phone calls on your Mac or phone and makes it easy to track the duration of a conversation with the help of the built-in timer. The built-in dial pad helps you call numbers grabbed from the web or any other sources beside your contacts list.

By accessing the preferences window, you can configure HandsFree to automatically run at login, change the currently used phone, enable or disable various notifications and provide your own keyboard shortcuts for summoning the dial pad.

HandsFree was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
HandsFree - From HandsFree's status bar menu, you can check your phone's status, find a contact and make calls.HandsFree - You can accept calls on your Mac or on your phone with just a mouse click.HandsFree - screenshot #3HandsFree - The Preferences window helps you change the currently used phone and enable or disable various notifications.

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