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OS X utility designed from the get-go to help you free up disk space by removing old and unnecessary files via a lightweight and user-friendly interface

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HD Cleaner is a handy and practical Mac OS X application specially designed to help you remove gigabytes from our hard disk with just a click of a mouse button.

Well-designed interface

Thanks to HD Cleaner you can quickly and effortlessly remove unneeded files from your hard disk and regain precious storage space. You just have to scan your home folder, select the file categories you no longer need and make room for new files.

From HD Cleaner’s main window you can visualize how much space you have available, how much space you use and how much space you can regain. The colored graph is easy to read and understand thanks to the small legend displayed at the bottom of the graph.

Customizable cleaning process

Once you scanned your home folder, HD Cleaner allows you to manually select the file categories that you want to permanently remove from the hard disk. Hence, you can choose to delete all your Downloads, Caches, Logs, Browser cookies and history, mail downloads and even old iOS updates.

What is more, you can empty your trash and view how much space you can recover with every category. The total amount of recoverable space is displayed under the “Reclaimable” label.

The cleaning process can take just a few seconds up to a couple of minutes depending on the amount of data that HD Cleaner needs to delete. In order to clean over 3 GB of data, HD Cleaner required less than 1 minute.

Quick access to your files

Furthermore, HD Cleaner allows you to open the selected folder, view its content and manually remove just part of the contained files. By clicking on the “Info” button you can learn more about the selected folder and if you need to remove the contained files or not.

HD Cleaner was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 31st, 2015
HD Cleaner - From HD Cleaner's main window you can easily view how much of your hard disk space you can regain.HD Cleaner - At the end of the cleaning process you can view the total amount of reclaimed space.HD Cleaner - You can use HD Cleaner to scan your home folder or folders from other partitions as well.

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