GlyphViewer 1.5.0

A Mac OS X application that provides support for performing OCR tasks in various languages, optimizing images published online for search engines, and more.

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Glyph-Soft LLC
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GlyphViewer - In the GlyphViewer main window you can easily create new projects and open various images.GlyphViewerGlyphViewer - In the GlyphViewer main window you can use the built-in OCR engine to identify and translate image text.GlyphViewerGlyphViewerGlyphViewer - GlyphViewer also offers you the tools to quickly build a new translation.GlyphViewerGlyphViewer
Understanding text in an image that has been written in a language that you don’t know can be rather challenging. GlyphViewer comes with a built-in OCR engine that is able to recognize the source language and enables you to quickly translate it to other languages.

Effortless to install image analyzer that can recognize text content

GlyphViewer comes with its own installer which reduces the entire procedure to simply following the on-screen instructions. The process creates a GlyphViewer folder in your Applications directory, which contains the GlyphViewer app and other files related to the installation.

Note that to actually perform translations, you must first register for a GlyphViewer account: you can do this free of charge within the application, and you will receive 30 credits that will get used whenever you trigger different tasks.

Translate OCR recognized text and optimize images for search engines

The GlyphViewer capabilities are organized around 4 main functions: you can use the app to recognize text included in image files, to translate the data, to create your own translations, or to define new symbols.

If you use GlyphViewer to translate the text in images, you can then export the data to a file that retains SEO optimized HTML code. This way, if you publish them online, the associated HTML content will be parsed by search engines, hence your images will be easier to find.

Probably the most interesting GlyphViewer feature is represented by the fact that you can use it to translate Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs: the app includes a database of over 800 different symbols and more that 10.000 different words and phrases.

Powerful software solution for attaching multilingual content to image files

GlyphViewer is a great tool to have around if you want to optimize your images for search engines: you can embed SEO optimized HTML content, you can attach translations in multiple languages, and so on.

At the same time, the built-in OCR engine and the large languages database allows the application to recognize text content written in various languages and translate it no time. To conclude, GlyphViewer is a nice tool to have around whenever text and images intertwine.

GlyphViewer was reviewed by , last updated on September 28th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.9 or later (Intel only)


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