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Provides one unified file and information management system for all of your devices.






Install Glide Desktop Applications on multiple desktops for automatic synchronization of all of your files and information with Glide.

Easily upload your photos, music, video, documents, contacts, calendars and bookmarks. Glide "One" will automatically sync files you create and edit online in Glide and on your local desktops, keeping all of your files in sync all of the time.

Glide makes it possible to access all of your files from your mobile device. You can even create and edit files in Glide on your mobile device, and automatically sync them to your local computer desktop(s).

In addition to keeping your files in sync, Windows users can import contacts and calendars from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and the Windows Address book, as well as bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

Mac Users can import contacts from the Mac Address Book and events from iCal calendars as well as bookmarks from Safari, Camino and Firefox. Linux and Solaris users can import contacts from Thunderbird LDIF files, Sunbird iCalendar files as well as bookmarks from Firefox.

Files synced to Glide are automatically converted into compatible previews for a broad range of devices. Glide supports over 250 file formats. [Please note: 1) If you are syncing a large number of files, it may take some time for previews to be processed and appear in your account; 2) Password-protected or DRM protected files can be stored in Glide, but previews will not be created.]

Glide Desktop Applications also includes Glide Crunch: the first of a suite of local productivity applications to be released.

Glide Crunch is a full-featured collaborative local and online spreadsheet application available on Windows, Mac and Linux and Solaris PCs for cross platform compatibility and workflow.

Spreadsheet files created in Glide Crunch (.gcr) are automatically synced to both your local hard drive and to your online Glide account for anytime, anywhere access from your PC or mobile handset.

The glide import is one-way. Items will be added to Glide but not back to your local computer. If you import an item again, it will appear twice in Glide. This issue will be resolved in an upcoming update of Glide Sync.

Glide will continuously synchronize your Personal Containers and Groups that you select with local folders. This synchronization occurs automatically when Glide is open. By default, your top level Personal Containers are chosen for synchronization.

Glide gives you the possibility to override the settings. You can also schedule files and folders outside of your sync locations to upload manually to Glide or specific Personal containers.

The files will be uploaded during the synchronization process. Files placed in your "Glide Desktop" folder will also be uploaded to Glide if they have not been uploaded already.
Last updated on April 30th, 2009
Glide - The main window here you can see your manual uploads.Glide - The Tools menu where you can easily access the Glide applications.Glide - The Preferences window where you can store the account information.Glide - You may also change the default sync folder.Glide - screenshot #5

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